Saturday, January 08, 2011

Nuclear Energy Expanding Worldwide

Japan offers its help to Saudi Arabia in building nuclear power plants

France offers to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey

India is building its indigenous capacity for re-cycling and re-processing nuclear fuel

Brown's Ferry Reactor #3 in Alabama has come online, raising US nuclear power production by 0.6%. Brown's Ferry was fortunate in getting almost all of its critical third-reactor work done before the Obama regime of energy starvation took office.

Unfortunately, another US power plant was blocked by Obama's NRC from adding a third reactor. This is what we can expect from an Obama NRC: an ongoing policy of energy starvation.

Here is a short excerpt from the 34th Carnival of Nuclear Energy at NextBigFuture:
4. Dan Yurman has a Fuel Cycle Week article China is now reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. It is a beginning, but it is not a breakthrough. The country must also develop MOX fuel fabrication and fast breeder reactors to achieve its ambitious goals.

5. ANS Nuclear Cafe has The Russians are coming to India and so are the French
India has the second most ambitious program to build nuclear new nuclear reactors, overshadowed only by China’s recently announced plans to build two-to-four times that amount in the same decade. A key factor in acquiring new reactors is India’s reliance on Russian technology and, to a smaller degree, on similar offerings from France. In this entry, Dan Yurman sets the stage for India's nuclear expansion and examines barriers for U.S. firms and others seeking to enter the Indian nuclear market.

6. China is targeting 48.5 GWe of nuclear power by 2015.
So 2020 would be about 85-86GWe if the second half of the decade only kept
pace with the 38GWe of addition they plan for the first half. Clearly if they can hit 48.5 GWe by the end of 2015 then some continued acceleration would make the 112 GWe or other such targets for 2020 look pretty achievable. If they hit it they will be almost in a tie with Japan for third after France and the USA.

7. US Nuclear generation for 2010 will probably be 801.8 to 805 TWH. It will just be short of the highest years in 2007 (806.5 TWH) and 2008 (809 TWH). _NBF
Nuclear power is a crucial foundation on which to build regional, national, and international power grids. Any nation -- such as the US under Obama -- that intentionally cripples its ability to adopt new safe, clean, and abundant generations of nuclear energy, is guilty of serious crimes against its own people.

Of course, we know that members of the ruling classes are rarely held to ordinary standards of law which common citizens are generally held to.

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