Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nuclear Energy Carnival #23 at NEI Nuclear Notes

Here are a few excerpts from the 23d Carnival of Nuclear Energy:

Brian Wang at Next Big Future noted how fast India is increasing its nuclear generation and exceeding its projected targets.

Charles Barton at Nuclear Green pointed out the number of cost savings that can be achieved from small and advanced reactors.

Steve Aplin at Canadian Energy Issues discussed another go at building new nuclear at Darlington in order to replace 6,000 MW of coal. Aplin pointed out how history has proved that when decision-makers take bogus ideas like Amory Lovins’ ‘negawatts’ seriously, the result is skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions and a stagnant job market.

much more from NEI Nuclear Notes via Brian Wang

Meanwhile, Russia has agreed to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez.

Energy is the life's blood of advanced civilisations. Any government which turns away from the development of all viable energy sources -- such as the US Obama regime is doing -- is condemning its citizens to many years of hard labour by way of compensating for their government's short-sightedness.

Nuclear, coal, gas, oil sands, oil shale, offshore oil etc. -- all must be developed and utilised as needed. It is the nation whose energy supplies are there when demanded which will be able to weather political peak oil and the other desperate strains which are coming. Carbon hysteria must be jettisoned as the suicidal contrivance that it is.

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