Friday, September 24, 2010

Carnival of the Nukes #20!

Brian Wang points us to the Carnival of Nuclear Energy #20 at djysrv. Some excerpts:

Brian's blog also has a roundup of news on nuclear reactors in China, India, Pakistan and uranium in Kazakhstan, Australia and Kyrgyzstan.
At Atomic Insights Rod Adams writes that Peabody Coal has published a presentation that explains the benefits of affordable, abundant coal fired energy. It throws down the competitive gauntlet and shows why low cost energy is a boon to mankind. Will nuclear industry leaders take on the challenge of facing coal in the market?
Mark Flanagan’s has a piece at NEI Nuclear Notes on the nuclear cluster in the Carolinas whose “ultimate goal is to establish a network of suppliers in South Carolina that can serve the nuclear industry worldwide.”
At Nuke Power Talk Gail Marcus has a "personal reflection" about Gail de Planque [NRC profile], who died recently. Marcus writes that the posting "is based on some of my interactions with her."
At Vermont Yankee Meredith Angwin writes that if Vermont Yankee closes, job losses at the plant are merely the tip of the economic iceberg. She discusses the effect of plant closure on small manufacturing industries in Vermont.
What's up with MIT and spent nuclear fuel?
At Areva North America blog, David Jones, Vice President, Used Fuel Management, writes that recycling used fuel from America’s nuclear power plants, using technology available in the near term, represents a solid option for the United States.
More at the link above.

The race is on to build much more nuclear energy capacity. From India to China to Pakistan to the middle east, and elsewhere, governments are beginning to understand energy equations a bit better -- while learning to laugh at the faux environmentalists such as those who pull the strings at Obama Pelosi, who would prefer to starve their people into energy death.



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