Friday, March 12, 2010

Using Cellulose You Can Make Almost Anything

A research team at the University of Wisconsin Madison have developed a process to hydrolyse cellulose into sugars for further processing of waste cellulose into fuels, chemicals, plastics, etc. Butanol is the prime alcohol fuel -- much better than ethanol -- and butanol can be fermented from cellulosic component sugars with the proper microbes.  

In an open-access paper published in the 9 March issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they report that the process leads to a nearly 90% yield of glucose from cellulose and 70-80% yield of sugars from untreated corn stover.

Dr. Ronald Raines, a UW-Madison professor of biochemistry and chemistry, and graduate student Joseph Binder say that the new process generates easily recovered sugars that are “superb feedstocks” for microbial growth and biocatalytic ethanol production. _GCC

Another UW-Madison breakthrough that converts cellulose to jet fuel and other hydrocarbons

Second generation biofuels to grow 50% per year for next 5 years. After that, the sky is the limit.

Cellulosic ethanol arriving on the world stage

Ethanol beginning to reduce demand for crude oil -- "peak demand" on the way

Gribble worm to help boost cellulosic biofuels industry?

Cellulosic fuels, chemicals, plastics, animal feed, etc. is just the beginning of humans finding profitable uses for waste, garbage, and other throwaway leftovers of a mid-level civilisation.  Higher level civilisations will reduce waste, and make profitable use of the waste they do create.

The only way to avoid the great human dieoff that leftist greens are engineering for us, is to kick up our technology so that the parasitic greens have no excuse to ride us into the ground -- as they are doing under the Obama - Pelosi reich.

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