Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ever Cat Biodiesel Fast Continuous Process Producing 10,000 GPD in Minnesota

Brian Westenhaus recently presented an update on the progress of Ever Cat's very impressive continuous biodiesel production process. The process is reported to cut the cost of biodiesel production in half!
Basically, the process works like this:
· Raw fats and oils of any type are combined with an alcohol
· This mixture is fed through a sulfated zirconia column heated to 300 degrees Celsius
· Their Easy Fatty Acid Removal (EFAR) system recycles any unreacted raw material back through the reactor
· Excess alcohol is recycled back through the reactor
· Pure biodiesel comes out the end.

The advantages of the system are:
· No waste produced; No washing or neutralizing of the biodiesel is necessary
· 100% conversion of raw materials to biodiesel
· Any raw fat or oil can be used to make biodiesel
· Very efficient due to heat recapture from the column
· Sulfated zirconia catalyst never needs replacing
· Very small footprint of the reactor system, uses an extremely small amount of area for the amount of biodiesel produced
· Essentially no emissions and no waste stream from the process; Easy permitting from the government. _NewEnergyandFuel
Al Fin feels strangely attracted to this McGyan process used by Ever Cat. Perhaps the reason for this strange attraction is the apparent efficiency of the process. Perhaps it is the "continuous" nature of production as opposed to "batch" processes used by many biodiesel producers. Or perhaps it is because this process appears custom made for the Oynklent Green [OTC:OYNK] company, a company dear to Al Fin's heart.

Regardless, it appears clear that breakthroughs are being made in all aspects of biofuels production and refinement. Betting against biofuels is like betting against the sun rising.

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