Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Solid Waste to Ethanol Conversion by CleanTech

Clean Tech Biofuels Inc. (OTCBB:CLTH) is looking for a prime site for its first commercial solid waste to ethanol production facility. It is looking for municipal areas that will pay them well to pick up the garbage. Then, taking this economical feedstock, it will convert the cellulosic solid waste (paper and cardboard) to ethanol using a thermochemical process. This process can reduce landfill waste by as much as 90%.
Municipal biorefineries developed using our technology have the potential to:

* Reduce the costs of transporting waste long distances for disposal.
* Dramatically reduce pollution released into the environment by the disposal of municipal solid waste.
* Reduce the amount of material going into landfills by as much as eighty five percent.
* Increase the amount of recyclable materials that can be recovered from municipal solid waste.
* Generate biofuels and other usable energy products at competitive prices.
Clean Tech has developed special separator technologies to remove the cellulosic waste from other materials in curbside garbage.
We have licensed and developed a group of technologies that used together can process municipal garbage into usable energy products. We use the cellulosic material in municipal garbage to make ethanol by first converting it into a sugar and water mixture. Our ethanol production technology uses a two-stage dilute acid hydrolysis process that recycles heat and acid from each stage of the process to efficiently make C5 and C6 sugars from cellulosic material. The resulting sugars are fermented and distilled into a fuel grade ethanol. __CleanTechBiofuels
Other non-cellulosic materials in the garbage can also be processed to hydrocarbons which could be converted to oil for fuels.



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