Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jet Fuel from Garbage--Using Waste Wisely

Rentech Inc. plans to use garbage from Los Angeles County to produce synthetic bio-fuels. And LA is only the beginning:
Rentech, Inc. (AMEX: RTK), announced today it is expanding its initiative to produce synthetic biofuels from garbage, often referred to as municipal solid waste (MSW). Rentech, having developed, patented and licensed clean-energy technology for over a quarter-century, will pursue projects in large municipalities to convert garbage that otherwise would be buried at landfills into ultra-clean, biodegradable jet fuel, potentially meeting the needs of local airports and communities.

“The Rentech Process can help solve waste management issues by utilizing waste streams such as MSW for the production of synthetic biofuels,” stated Richard Penning, EVP of Commercial Affairs for Rentech. “For example, the County of Los Angeles alone creates close to 42,000 tons of garbage each day, and the City is quickly running out of landfill space to dispose of its waste,” Mr. Penning continued.

The production of biofuels from MSW using the Rentech Process could have a potentially carbon neutral or even carbon negative footprint while extending the life of existing landfills. These fuels are also cleaner burning and more efficient than petroleum-derived fuels. ___BusinessWire

The energy-from-waste industry is gearing up to be a highly competitive area of fuel production in the US.

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