Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growth In Nuclear Power Will Free Up Hydrocarbons for Fuels and Chemicals

Saudi Arabia's power generation Forty-nine percent depends on natural gas and remaining from liquid fuels with renewable power resources accounting for a negligible share, reported the Kuwait Financial Center (Markaz).

_Power Engineering

By 2020, the Saudi Government is planning to create an additional 30,000 MW of generation capacity. This is as part of its plan to ramp up power generation capacity by two fold by 2030. Many projects are implemented through private participation as well. _Arab Times
As nuclear power assumes a larger share of Saudi Arabia's power production, more valuable liquid fuels will be freed up for export, further enriching the KSA's treasuries.
The Kingdom is planning to build a series of nuclear power plants, which would be capable of generating 20% of requirements by the end of 2030. _CW

In reality, nuclear power is set for rapid growth across most of the world, except for nations such as Germany, the US, Switzerland, and others where the green dysfunction has affected government policy.
Except for Germany, Switzerland and the United States, the race to build armies of nuclear power plants is unfolding.

China's got 136 under development right now. Russia's working on another 53, India's got 46 on the board and even Saudi Arabia's shelling out $100 billion to put 16 in their backyard. And that's about 1/3 of what it'll cost when all is said and done!

Between power plant construction, uranium production and nuclear infrastructure development, there's an absurd amount of money being thrown at about a dozen or so companies right now. How much to be exact?

Well, the big dogs never show their hands. But the most recent nuclear power plant deal shows Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) sinking its meat hooks into a $20 billion contract in the United Arab Emirates. And that's on a power plant that has a $30 billion build cost.

KEPCO (NYSE:KEP) seems to have made nice with the Saudis too, and it's looking like the company's got most of the Middle East on lockdown for future nuclear deals. Not a bad situation considering some estimates show as many as 43 nuclear power plants now being considered across the region.

Just on Middle East growth alone, KEPCO's looking at a potential $860 billion in the desert. And KEPCO is also rumored to have deals under development in India, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam.

It total, KEPCO's flexing more than $2 trillion worth of nuclear power plant muscle. And we're talking deals that could easily be done in less than 3 years. Now guess how this is going to effect the company's share price? _Energy and Capital
An interesting thought.

Besides freeing up a great deal of oil & gas for international energy markets, new nuclear power plants will generate jobs -- lots of jobs. The worldwide market for trained nuclear workers is set to expand rapidly.

And of course, as scalable nuclear power reactors grow cheaper, safer, more reliable, and more portable, we will see nuclear process being used in the field, to enhance production of liquid fuels from unconventional hydrocarbons -- which represent 10s of trillions of boe.

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