Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Versatile Home Power Distribution System for Use w/ EV

The DENSO power distribution system provides both quick DC charging of an EV battery AND emergency home power in the case of a power grid outage.
The V2H system can quickly charge an EV with direct current from the HEMS storage battery, and can supply the electricity in the EV back to the household. In addition, the system can efficiently distribute electricity, including power generated by residential photovoltaic systems (solar panels), to the EV and to the home through the coordination of the HEMS. The two main features of the new system are as follows:
Quick recharging function using a HEMS storage battery. Because an EV is battery-powered, the battery needs to be quickly charged for the car to be practical and functional, particularly when the battery level is low. However, a quick charger uses a substantial amount of power, resulting in an increase in the consumer’s electricity contract/bill and it is difficult to install for household use.

DENSO’s new system can quickly supply the electricity that is stored in the HEMS storage battery to the EV when charging at home, which doesn’t require a dedicated charging device. Within just 15 minutes of charge using the DENSO system, the EV can travel up to about 20 km (12.4 miles).

Eco-V2H function. The HEMS can estimate the daily EV travel distance and household power consumption to best manage the charging and discharging of the electricity of EV and HEMS battery unit. Also, to achieve local production of energy for local consumer consumption, the energy surplus produced by the photovoltaic system can be stored in the EV or the HEMS storage battery as opposed to being sold to the local electric power company.

During the electricity peak time, surplus electricity stored in the HEMS storage battery is supplied back to the house to enable electricity peak shift. These functions require technology to combine electricity supplied back to the home from the EV and commercial power. Moreover, in emergencies such as natural disasters, electricity stored in the EV can be used at home in the same way as the PHV.

Electric vehicles are likely to achieve slow but steady penetration into the private vehicular market. This will call for foolproof home systems which allow for quick EV charging. The ability to utilise stored EV and power system energy in the case of a power outage is an added plus.

Expect more intelligence to be built into such systems, so that they will be able to also integrate and control auxiliary generator and fuel cell backup, for more extended power outages.

More on the DENSO Home Energy Management System (HEMS)
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