Monday, February 20, 2012

Nuclear Blog Carnival #92 + More on Nuclear Process Heat

NGNP Alliance
H/T to Brian Wang

The 92nd Nuclear Blog Carnival is hosted at ANS Nuclear Cafe. Here are a few excerpts:
Dan Yurman has an indepth report on the selection of Areva’s HTGR design by the NGNP Alliance for process heat applications.

Also, he reports on a major deal involving Areva reactors to be built in the U.K. by EDF as a result of a face-to-face meeting between U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Atomic Insights
Rod Adams writes that MIT’s studies on the future of various energy fuels are important guides for policy makers. The contrast between strong optimism over the future of natural gas compared to a far more pessimistic view of the future of nuclear energy is stark and difficult to ignore.

An explanation might be found in the amount of natural gas money and the number of natural gas salesmen on the Advisory Committee for the study on natural gas when compared to the more neutral funding source for the study on the future of nuclear energy. He asks if the MIT Energy Initiative has been captured by natural gas money?

Nuke Power Talk
Gail Marcus is pleased to be able to pass on information provided by a reader of her blog providing more details on the Japanese personnel practice called ‘amakudari,‘ the institutionalized system of moving Japanese government retirees into positions in the organizations they used to regulate.

Nuclear Diner
Cheryl Rofer has a unique report that Peter Alaric DeSimone tells how he makes music from the random disintegration of radioactive isotopes and provides MP3 files and videos of the process.

Also, she reports that the National Research Council released a report this week on nuclear technologies NASA needs, including nuclear rocket propulsion, nuclear reactors for power in space, and radioisotope power systems. Susan Voss presents the details.
_Nuke Carnival #92

Dan Yurman looks at the choice of the Areva gas cooled reactor by the NGNP Industry Alliance. As has been pointed out here several times, the high quality process heat from gas-cooled reactors is likely to facilitate an industrial revolution, once it becomes widely available. 4 page PDF report on gas cooled reactors and the next generation of nuclear power.

NGNP Alliance

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