Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Instruments' Stefano Concezzi Talks About Fusion

Energy from Fusion Video from NIWeek 2011 Featuring Stefano Concezzi

Physicist Stefano Concezzi, of National Instruments' "Big Physics," is a big promoter of energy from fusion. In a short news release from November 2011, Concezzi explains how National Instruments aids innovators. The newsrelease also makes mention of Andrea Rossi's company, the Leonardo Corporation, and its intent to use National Instruments' controllers in its E-Cat LENR reactor product.
“For more than 35 years, National Instruments has provided innovators with the tools they need to address the world’s biggest engineering challenges,” said Stefano Concezzi, director of the science and big physics segment at National Instruments. “We are excited about the many ways we are helping customers streamline the development of advanced physics and energy projects.”

Innovators throughout the world are using the NI graphical system design approach to efficiently address the world’s grand engineering challenges in medical technology, urban infrastructure, alternative energy and other critical applications. In physics specifically, NI has contributed product solutions to some of the most advanced projects including the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and tokamak fusion device control systems. Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system. _NI Newsrelease
Concezzi also expressed some supportive sentiment regarding Andrea Rossi, to Stirling Allan of Pure Energy Systems:
Stefano Concezzi, who serves as NI's Director of Science and Big Physics Segment, told me that NI does not comment on contracts made with customers, unless the customer requests a press release; but he could confirm that Andrea Rossi is a customer.

"I would love for him to be right.

"We support every kind of research for the betterment of human kind. Whoever is interested in doing that, we would be happy to support."

So at this time, I would gather that their contract should not be construed as a validation or confirmation of the E-Cat science, but a signal of NI's willingness to help Rossi develop the technology into an even more robust embodiment, to help increase its operational stability, reliability, safety; while lowering its price point. _PESN

Frank Acland of, feels that the involvement of National Instruments with Rossi's E-Cat project should be seen as a verification of the E-Cat's validity:
Another strong piece of evidence for the E-Cat being what Rossi claims is the involvement of National Instruments. Rossi has said that the contribution that NI has made to the development of his invention has been tremendous. He said that future E-Cat models will operate using control mechanisms created by NI.

...National Instruments is a leading creator of hardware and software products used in all kinds of engineering projects around the world. The fact that they are collaborating with Leonardo Corporation in the development and production of the E-Cat seems to be a significant piece of evidence in favor of the E-Cat’s validity. also has information from Rossi regarding Leonardo Corp.'s plans to build a robotic factory for mass-producing the E-Cat LENR reactor.

For those who are hoping that the E-Cat reactor proves to be everything Rossi claims for it and more, this information may provide a bit of hope in the midst of a dearth of hard information regarding actual E-Cat and LENR progress.

But there is nothing here on which one can hang his hat. Perhaps that is the way that Mr. Rossi wishes to play out his hand -- keeping everyone guessing until the end.

We at Al Fin Energy will attempt to keep you up to date on any real news in LENR science and engineering which can be discovered. In the meantime, we will try to help readers to separate real news from rumours and red herrings.

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