Wednesday, November 02, 2011

E-Cat: If Real, "It Would Be a Sacrilege to Keep it Hidden"

According to the Italian science magazine
...before I praise or reject cold fusion, you must know its operation in detail. And when it does not seem possible, and that’s what, to some extent, increases the doubts of scientists and experts. Because if that was really discovered what we call the miracle of energy, it would be a sacrilege to keep it “hidden”. _ecatnews

To the end of "not keeping anything hidden," there is a movement afoot to make the E-Cat nickel-hydrogen technology "open source."

Can small groups of independent hobbyists and engineers hope to replicate and improve upon what Andrea Rossi has done?
So, is it a fantasy to imagine that a small group of far-flung enthusiasts could make such a thing happen? The odds against success are high. If it were easy, it would have been done by now. I have no doubt that many LENR researchers are quietly working away trying to find the secret sauce with the hope of eventually matching and then bettering it; even as most scientists doubt the thing exists. From NASA to SRI, Piantelli to Miley, scores of clever people furnished with equipment, expertise, space and money are hammering at the forge – just doing it.

According to Rossi, he tried thousands of permutations before the reaction fired at a usable scale and under control. If we suspend disbelief – and I am certain that many well-resourced individuals will do exactly that – then those who follow Rossi may not have to climb the same mountains to reach the top. There are many clues. Even if we discount the eCat, we have Miley and Piantelli and others telling us that it is possible. Knowing that one thing – that it is possible – can make all the difference.
The appears to be in its early stages, but is meant to help independents to build LENR reactors.

Andrea Rossi is not particularly friendly toward the open source ideal, and wishes to keep control of the technology as long as possible. But once outsiders take possession of an E-Cat, the technology begins leaving his hands and his control. With so many groups having worked on this technology before Rossi, it is unlikely that Rossi can control the technology via either patents or trade secrets.

It seems clear that E-Cat technology is not ready to be sold commercially, with all the problems Rossi has had at every demonstration. Instead, they should only be sold as test devices, in the original basic modular size. Even if Rossi's technology "works" after a fashion -- which he has not proven satisfactorily -- he is clearly rushing the product to market long before it is ready.

Most observers of E-Cat apparently wish for a great global energy revolution. While that would be nice, Al Fin energy analysists are more interested in getting to the bottom of the science involved in LENRs, LANRs, or "cold fusion," whichever you prefer.



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