Wednesday, October 12, 2011

E-Cat Threatens to Overturn Global Currency System, Replace Fiat Currencies

E-cat energy threatens to overturn global monetary system with new currency system to replace fiat money
A new effort to address both the ensuing global economic meltdown and an impending energy revolution sparked by Andrea A. Rossi’s E-Cat technology has been initiated by the organisation Xecnet, Ltd of the U.K.

... A new companion forum and website called Planet Pay has been set up to facilitate sales of Mr. Rossi’s E-Cats which will produce the energy to back a Human Value Unit, or HVU. One HVU is equivalent to 400 Joules of energy.

Planet Pay has no affiliation with Mr. Rossi.

On the contrary, “it is an independent private initiative for individuals to exercise their innate human freedom for taking collective financial responsibility, to ensure that the potential of the e-Cat technology serves the common good of humanity and is neither hijacked nor distorted towards the narrower interests of corporate finance and corporate energy.” _coldfusionnow
Al Fin energy economists feel that this is an interesting concept, but that it is much too early to talk about replacing the global economic foundations with an unproven system of currency, which is based upon a largely unproven (and certainly undeveloped) technology.

Meanwhile, Bologna is braced for the upcoming 28 October test of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt E-cat steam plant. Rossi has stated that the 1 MW plant belongs to an undisclosed customer, who will set the rules for the upcoming Bologna test.

A video of the 6 October test in Bologna can be viewed here.

Pure Energy Systems features a questiona and answer session with Andrea Rossia about the 6 October test

PDF discussion of theoretical possiblities behind the LENR effect (via Peswiki)



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