Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Surviving Obama Will Not Be as Easy as it Sounds

The EPA  
The Obama administration had staffed the agency with reliable green cadres who were sure to come out with such aggressive regulations that fundamental changes in environmental policy would be made without the inconvenience of an actual congressional vote. This administration’s extraordinarily active EPA delivered..._WalterRussellMead

The EPA's rules are playing hell with US energy and jobs creation. The Obama energy starvation devastation has just begun, and much of the pain it causes will last for decades after Obama is finally ejected from the White House.
With concern over a slowing U.S. economy and 13.9 million unemployed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is promulgating new rules that will threaten the economic recovery.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff estimates that as much as 81 gigawatts of coal-generated electricity, which is about 8 percent of the entire U.S. electricity capacity, would be eliminated from the power grid by new EPA regulations on power plant emissions. Such a drastic effect will raise the costs of production, reduce the reliability of the power grid and result in a substantial drag on economic growth and employment. _GaryWolfram

Obama's de facto offshore oil moratorium is another aspect to this administrations overall energy starvation agenda. And the energy starvation agenda is just one aspect to the regime's anti-private sector campaign. Destroying private sector jobs is not necessarily considered a downside to Obama's policies, within his close circle of advisors.

There are many rational approaches to reversing the current ongoing Obama economic recession. But Mr. Obama is unlikely to seriously consider any of these logical actions, since many of them would have the effect of strengthening the private sector. In Mr. Obama's mind, the strength of the private sector and the ability of the private sector to act independently of the government, must be curtailed at all costs.

A good example of Mr. Obama's energy policy, is the Solyndra debacle. The corrupt alliance between a top Obama fundraiser, and a $500 million loan to a solar cell company now floundering in bankruptcy, makes for a classic tale -- if any of the mainstream media were brave enough to bring the dirty tale to light.

To see a prototype of Mr. Obama's vision for America, one might wish to visit Detroit. Nothing can happen in Detroit without the permission of mob-connected public sector unions, and the corrupt town bosses. Very much like Chicago, except a bit further down the road.

It is easy for doomers to blame this long term economic recession on energy scarcity, peak oil, climate change, outsourcing, and any number of other causes. But when a government works so hard to create energy starvation and to kill private sector jobs, one does not need to look too much further.

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