Monday, July 04, 2011

Mark Lynas Emerges from Green Coma to Promote Nuclear Power

Solving many of the world’s most critical environmental challenges will, in some cases, involve doing the exact opposite of what most environmentalists want. _MarkLynas
Prolific author and slowly recovering Green Mark Lynas, has published a piece in the Daily Mail promoting nuclear power for Britain. Lynas is beginning to awaken from the deep green coma which has enveloped so many academics, politicians, celebrities, journalists, and others of the dysfunctional and parasitic class. From his DM piece:
Atomic energy, while far from perfect, is an essential option to combat two looming problems: climate change, caused by man-made carbon emissions, and a growing ‘energy gap’ by which Britain generates far less electricity than it needs, sending fuel bills soaring.

Surprisingly, nuclear power may be more environmentally friendly than many types of renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. Wind turbines can kill birds and bats, while solar power, if employed on a grand scale, will take up a lot of land space.

Also, as much as Greens are enthusiastic about solar electricity, in cloudy countries such as ours it is extremely inefficient and expensive. Nuclear power, on the other hand, is one of the cheapest ways of producing electricity, and it is much safer than many environmentalists would have us believe.

The objection of environmentalists to nuclear power — fears about the dangers of nuclear waste and the cost of decommissioning it — are overblown, which explains why many people don’t like the Greens.

A report from the Government’s Climate Change Committee last week outlined aims to get 40 per cent of our electricity from nuclear by 2030, producing an equivalent proportion of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power.

But for this to happen and for Britain to have any chance of meeting its ambitious carbon-reduction targets, Green groups need to stop scare- mongering about atomic power and blocking plans for nuclear plants.
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Mark Lynas in The Times, Semptember 2008, just 1 month after his revelation on nuclear power

Part of What the Green Movement Got Wrong

Wherever politics gets involved, logic and rationality fly out the window. So it is with energy policy, climate policy, and virtually anything else governments meddle in. The US founding fathers had the right idea when they tried to restrict government powers to a very limited number and extent. But good ideas can only prevail for a limited time when up against a historical headwind of corruption and impending Idiocracy.



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