Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Important Article on Rossi LENR Project

Brian Wang links to an important background report at New Energy Times, which provides some important perspective on Andrea Rossi's recent LENR project.

Anyone who has been following this story should read the NET Report, in order to fill in some blanks and round out the background for the ongoing saga.

Keep in mind that even a person with a somewhat slippery past can stumble into an important and viable project. Nothing in the report above proves that Rossi's device cannot produce "excess energy." But it is likely that anyone considering investing in the Rossi LENR will be even more skeptical and cautious, once having read the report.



Blogger Benjamin Cole said...

Does the word "crank" or "crackpot" or "charlatan" come to mind? How about "crook"?

And that's just the "c" words.

2:46 PM  
Blogger said...

The good part is Rossi, Defkalion e Ampenergo are not looking for someone else money.
They are using their money, doing their due diligence and find the device good enough.
The rapresentative of Defkalion wrote that the device they tested went alwas between 30x-6x. No device produced less than 6x.

A small bit of a test of the e-cat is published in the JoNP of Rossi by Professor Stremmenos. Not only it worked as intended, but it worked after the power was removed for two hours and stopped only when the H2 input was stopped.

"Defkalion has been doing testing with three companies. With a cement company they have been able to reduce energy costs from 500,000to 50,000 Euros. Using Hyperion technology a food processing company has been able to reduce the cost of a tin of apricots from 85 to 50 cents."

This is remarkable, if true.

I think the names of these companies will surface sooner than later.

4:00 PM  
Blogger al fin said...

I have known far worse.

Rossi has a slippery past and is not forthcoming with meaningful information about his current project when questioned by skeptical experts.

And yet if Piantelli's idea works, and Focardi's version also works, Rossi may yet come up with a device that achieves excess energy.

On the other hand, it is looking more and more like Defkalion is sketching its plan in the form of a staged project, stretching out over a much longer time frame than Rossi originally hinted.

Of course Rossi doesn't have to prove himself to anyone except his backers. So what you or I say about it is essentially worthless.

4:03 PM  

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