Monday, May 23, 2011

Energy from Heat: A Variety of Options

Nuclear energy from the heat of fission: Carnival of Nuclear Energy #53 Cool Hand Nuke...Check out the latest carnival of nuclear blog news and views.

New developments in nanoantennas to harvest solar infrared radiative heat...NewEnergyandFuel

Siemens combined cycle turbine technology achieves 60% efficiency...NextBigFuture Combining gas turbines with steam turbines allows the extraction of a larger amount of the heat energy potential contained in coal, gas, biomass . . . . and even nuclear fuels in advanced high temperature gas-cooled reactor designs.

If you add thermal electric technology to combined cycle technology -- to harvest as much waste heat as possible -- you could increase overall efficiency of energy from heat.

Most contemporary energy and power comes from the use of heat energy -- either energy of combustion or energy from nuclear fission. This will be the case for many decades more -- even with the growth of fuel cells, photovoltaics, and other alternative methods of power generation. Advanced biofuels and enhanced geothermal power will continue to utilise heat power and heat engines.

As technology improves, it is crucial for society to make the best use of any energy assets which may be available, rather than to follow the Obama energy starvation approach. Energy is the life's blood of advanced societies. Any persons or groups that are dedicated to the strangulation of energy sources, are enemies of the people who are part of those societies. This is true whether the society derives most of its power from heat, or whether it uses power from matter - antimatter reactors.



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