Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Microwave Pyrolysis for a Wide Range of Feedstocks

Used crankcase oil from internal combustion engines can be turned into valuable fuels, using microwave pyrolysis.
That dirty motor oil that comes out of your car or truck engine during oil changes could end up in your fuel tank, according to a report presented here today at the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). It described development of a new process for recycling waste crankcase oil into gasoline-like fuel — the first, they said, that uses microwaves and has “excellent potential” for going into commercial use.

“Transforming used motor oil into gasoline can help solve two problems at once,” said study leader Howard Chase, Professor of Biochemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. “It provides a new use for a waste material that’s too-often disposed of improperly, with harm to the environment. In addition, it provides a supplemental fuel source for an energy-hungry world.” _ACS
Worldwide, the potential amount of used motor oil feedstock is estimated to be about 8 billion gallons.

Microwave pyrolysis of waste rubber tyres

Microwave pyrolysis of waste plastics (PDF) to fuels and chemicals

Microwave pyrolysis of wood pellets (abs)

Microwave pyrolysis of sewage sludge (abs)

Microwave pyrolysis of corn stover (PDF)

Microwave pyrolysis of kerogen oil shale

And so on. Microwave pyrolysis can also be used on meat packing animal waste and other organic materials. Oynklent Green [OTC:OYNK] has developed a method of using microwave pyrolysis to convert corrupt politicians to useful fuel and energy. There is seemingly no end to the potential feedstocks for these processes!



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