Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Big Wind Crash & Burn: Bad for the Grid, Bad for the Economy

Orders for new wind turbines to fall 93% in UK for 2013 The UK was to have been the largest offshore wind producer. Now it looks like resources will have to be put to more reliable forms of power production. Wind power is apparently an expensive luxury for brainless ne'er-do-wells.

World's biggest maker of wind turbines must lay off 3,000 workers due to low demand

In fact, "Green Jobs" are in jeopardy all over, due to many factors -- including the belated realisation that big wind power sucks an economy dry, and wreaks havoc on a power grid.

The high cost of wind energy threatens the existence of many wind developers who jumped into the business with the best of intentions, and highest of hopes.

But some folks never seem to learn . . .

Big wind is a big sideshow of the great carbon hysterics' carnival and crusade. If people catch on to the hollow nature of carbon hysteria, the reasons for wasting scarce resources on big wind just crash and burn.



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