Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nuclear Energy Carnival #17 at NextBigFuture

Brian Wang presents the 17th installment of the Carnival of Nuclear Energy.
5. Atomic Insights by Rod Adams has Cooperative Effort is Required to Build Large New Nuclear Power Plants and Allow Those Projects to Create Jobs.

Article summary: One of the weapons used against nuclear energy is that building large, complex projects often requires government assistance. That is especially in an industry where the construction and manufacturing infrastructure experienced 30 years without an order. In this post, however, I argue that enabling a large, cooperative team to find financial resources is an appropriate role for a government interested in long term prosperity and near term employment opportunities.
6. World nuclear news had a table of accidents and immediate fatalities by energy source.
This was covered here earlier today, but is here again

Dan Yurman brings us up to date on the US NRC's ongoing reaction to small modular reactors
Charles Barton asks: Are renewables are really competitive with nuclear in costs?

Nuke Power Talk compares risks of injury between different energy sources

Brian Wang also looks at this issue



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