Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nuclear Carnival 13 and Other Nuclear News

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 13 can be found at NextBigFuture, with 8 entries from around the nuclear web.

The US Department of Energy predicts the number of nuclear power reactors in the US by year 2100 to be between 250 and 1200. There are currently 104 reactors producing 99,000 MW in the US. The alternative to new nuclear reactors is new coal plants -- no other power technology can substitute for coal.

Although a floating nuclear reactor is not vulnerable to earthquakes, wildfires, or other land-based hazards, International Studies "experts" have become concerned over Russia's planned floating nuclear reactor fleet. Most of their concerns center on proliferation and environmental concerns due to potential difficulties with securing nuclear material on a floating platform.

More: Canadian uranium production is growing.

More nuclear news from Idaho Samizdat Nuke Notes

Brian Wang makes passing mention of nuclear thermal space rockets in a discussion of new heavy lift rocket designs.

Nuclear blogger Charles Barton takes a break from nuclear technology blogging to examine the dangerous cult known as the "Club of Rome." Doomerism is a hazard to the future, as is any fanatical religious cult that adopts the great human dieoff as a fetish, a prayer, and a sacrament.

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