Friday, August 13, 2010

Life After Peak Oil: Petro-Resources 40 X Larger

If the sinking value of the US dollar is taken into account, oil prices have been dropping rather than rising, as peak oilers claim. OPEC is maintaining production -- against all peak oil predictions, and despite a building glut of oil in middle eastern floating storage. Large new reserves are opening and being discovered off Brazil's coast, in several regions of Africa, in the far east -- and much more would be discovered if Mr. Obama would let up on his domestic policy of energy starvation and oil moratoriums. And of course, the vast potential energy resources in unconventional fossil fuels puts the entire religion of "peak oil DOOM" in a new light.
...extraction techniques, such as from shale rock and the Fisher-Tropsch process – where coal is turned into oil – that could increase potential oil reserves substantially.

"The resource is an estimated 30 – 40 times larger than the oil resource we have exploited to date,"... _Source

But it is the hysteria of doom that sells newspapers and gets candidates elected. Consider the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill. According to Mr. Obama and the media-political complex, the oil spill amounted to nothing less than the end of the world.
There was a broad-based failure on the part of the media, the science establishment, and the federal bureaucracy. With the nation and its leaders looking for facts, we got instead a massive plume of apocalyptic mythology and threats of Armageddon. In the Gulf, this misinformation has cost jobs, lowered property values, and devastated tourism, and its effects on national policy could be deep and far-reaching. _NRO
It is the institutionalised industry of doom which is the threat here, whether it is shrieking up "climate doom", "peak oil doom", "oil spill doom", or whatever doom du jour may be in fashion.
Visit the Gulf of Mexico today and you’d hardly recognize it as the scene of what President Barack Obama called “the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced.” It’s as if scientists had conducted an insane experiment -- dumping about 4.9 million barrels of oil into the water -- and discovered its effect was in certain ways negligible. _Bloomberg
The DOOM INDUSTRY brings out the very worst in people and institutions. It takes a rare and intelligent person of immaculate judgment to resist the pull of doom which surrounds and reaches out to him from every dark corner of academic, political, and media mindlessness.

The hysteria of doom is how the congealed ruling class attempts to control the behaviour of the great unwashed masses -- commoners. But it is the excesses of the ruling class which need to be controlled before they destroy the basis for modern life in the great, seemingly engineered dieoff.



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