Friday, June 11, 2010

Chemrec's Swedish BlackLiquor to DME Plant Takes Shape

Black liquor is a waste by-product of paper pulp processing. Chemrec plans to gasify the black liquor and convert the syngas directly to dimethyl ether in an efficient process. The new Swedish demo plant will have a capacity of 584,000 gallons per year of DME.
In Sweden, the steel towers forming the main process units of the new BioDME-plant were put in place beside Chemrec’s development plant in Piteå. On July 21 the world’s first demonstration plant for the energy-efficient automotive fuel DME, dimethyl ether, will be ready for commissioning and start-up. The demonstration plant will have a capacity of 584,000 gallons of BioDME per year, using black liquor gasification of pulp and paper mill waste. _BiofuelsDigest

Sweden has developed a reputation for innovation, along with neighbor Finland.

Europe in general is developing some encouraging plans for developing its bioenergy resources.

For several centuries, Europe has been the world's hotbed of research, innovation, and development of a wide range of technologies and sciences. Unfortunately, unless something is done about the rapid implosion of Europe's population, the best days of European innovation are likely behind us -- other than a last hurrah! which is being largely squandered on the green energy hoax and carbon hysteria.

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