Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A List of Remote Sensing Technologies from the USGS

Aeromagnetic surveying (10 items) 
Aeroradiometric surveying (1 items) 
Hyperspectral imaging (3 items) 
IFSAR (4 items) 
Infrared imaging (12 items) 
LIDAR (5 items) 
Microwave imaging (1 items) 
Multispectral imaging (11 items) 
Panchromatic imaging (1 items) 
Radar imaging (2 items) 
Thermal imaging (1 items) 
Visible light imaging (1 items) 

Satellite images (29 items)
Such remote sensing technologies can be used when prospecting for oil and gas, coal, and minerals such as gold, copper, iron, etc. As the newer forms of magnetic, electromagnetic, gravimetric, laser, infra-red spectra, gamma ray spectra, etc are refined and combined in more sophisticated manners, the new finds of energy and mineral deposits will continue.

Many of the new finds are coming in from locations that would have never been suspected from older technologies of exploration.

High oil prices drive the full range of research related to oil exploration, discovery, production, and the revival of "depleted" wells. This is only the beginning.



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