Monday, April 05, 2010

Biofuels: Slowly Changing the Energy Economy

We are seeing a strong play in the oil market by big oil traders, causing a slow upward creep in crude oil prices. But some new players are beginning to announce their presence in the energy markets.
Global biofuel production, meanwhile, will grow 16 percent in 2010, according to the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance. Biofuels are made from sugar, corn and oil seeds now and perhaps in the future from grass, crop waste and wood. _NYT
Biofuels are just beginning to grow in production and influence, but smart players are starting to notice.

As crude oil prices rise, palm oil prices are rising along with them.
Palm oil prices are increasingly supported by energy prices as demand for biofuels rises, James Fry, managing director of LMC International, said on April 1. _BusinessWeek
Expect prices of other biofuels to be likewise boosted by inflating bubbles in crude oil prices.

Meanwhile, the technology of producing biofuels efficiently, economically, and without using food crops, is accelerating forward.

A business startup spun off from work at the University of South Florida, is taking a new approach to biomass-to-liquid fuels (BTL) using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

A potentially more efficient and economical method of converting biomass to sugars -- for biofuels -- is being perfected at Colorado State University.

German researchers at KIT are developing a new membrane strategy to increase BTL yields via Fischer Tropsch.

Meanwhile, top executives from top financial, agricultural, and biotech companies are being lured to head up biofuels companies.

But try telling the Luddite losers of the dieoff left that advanced biofuels will be made from biomass, waste, and garbage -- not food. They will be too busy screaming at you and trying to hit you on the head with their placards to listen to the messages from the future.

And as for the policies of the US Federal Reserve and the US government which are causing a new oil price bubble to inflate? I might say let the speculators lose their shirts once more, but then the Obama - Pelosi reich would just bail them out yet again -- at the expense of future generations of taxpayers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part of the reason these leftists keep pushing their vision humanity dieing off is that the leftist themselves are dying off. In a sense the leftist fantasy of the apocalypse is a massive case of projection. Getting hard numbers on the leftist birthrate is almost impossible, but Steve Sailer's article on the baby gap show that leftist US states have lower birthrates.


If the Left wasn't importing Mexicans it wouldn't have a future in America 50 years from now.

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