Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Approach to Profitable Algae Farming

BioCentric Energy Holdings Inc. has announced the commercialisation of its closed-loop algal photobioreactor (PBR) system for dual production of Omega 3 fatty acids and algal biomass. Omega 3 fatty acids are valuable nutraceuticals used in food and medical products production and as a dietary supplement. Algal biomass can be used for multiple purposes -- as feedstock for biofuels, in animal feed, or as feedstock in plastics or chemicals production.
Each closed-loop module is designed to encompass one acre of land. By strategically positioning five modules on the property they will have the economic advantage of sharing the Siemens PLC system as well as the harvesting, dewatering and sharing extraction equipment.

During the initial site assessment on the Southern California properties, the Company identified the water and carbon sources (and the quality thereof), along with the temperature range and climate, the soil characteristics and the physical topography of the land. This was the first step in determining if the land would be suitable for the algae farm. The next step for BioCentric Energy is to finalize the choice of the robust algae strain (Omega-3 EPA) that will grow quickly within the confines of the targeted location. BioCentric Energy's goal is to begin immediately with the grading and civil engineering of the land and subsequently install the integrated closed-loop PBR system by early summer 2010. Once the PBR system is installed, optimized and sterilized, the inoculation of the algae into the system will begin. _Marketwire_via_Biofuelsdigest
The trend for biofuels makers is to exploit every possible product in its process, and to utilise every aspect of its feedstock to save operating costs -- as when maize ethanol producers burn corn cobs to generate process heating, saving on natural gas costs.

Newsrelease and video on BioCentric's plans



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