Friday, March 05, 2010

Quite a Lot of Energy Around, Actually

There is plenty of crude oil around the world. But there is far more coal, oil sands, shale gas, oil shale, heavy oils -- the unconventionals. Unconventional gas alone -- shale gas and coal bed gas -- are set to revolutionise world energy markets. Various projects to produce liquid fuels from gas are making the Russians very nervous indeed. Petrobras is even using microfluidic GTL and Fischer Tropsch for offshore production of liquid fuels from gas.

You know that oil sands are set to become a great success when the big guns of the green dieoff movement are spending big money in a propaganda campaign to shut them down. Of course, without domestic sources of energy, the advanced world will be held hostage to bloody oil dictatorships. greens appear to be working hard to bring about their namesake.

Biomass to liquids (BTL) continues to advance against the disadvantage of low energy density.
This involves the drying and crushing of the biomass, torrefaction, gasification, purification of the synthesis gas and its ultimate conversion to second generation biofuels using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

A Polish power company is collaborating with Hitachi to build advanced nuclear power plants in Poland, and Mitsubishi may be bailing out South Africa's failed pebble bed reactor project.

The anaerobic digestion of biological waste and debris may prove to be a very useful form of energy and fertiliser in areas of active farming, ranching, and forestry. Bio - methane is produced, along with rich compost for agricultural soil.

As soon as the public understands that CO2 is not a threat to the Earth's environment in any way, we can focus on eliminating actual toxic products of industry and energy production. Freeing up the billions of dollars invested in proving the fantasy catastrophe of climate change will allow some actual productive work to get done, we hope.

Now, big wind and big solar. Neither produce baseload or dispatchable power. The capacity factor for both is below 0.3. Both are at least 3X as expensive to build as nuclear, considering the actual power produced. And nuclear plants survive at least 50 years, compared to wind turbines whose incredibly expensive gearboxes give out every 6 to 10 years.

The wasteful pursuit of big wind and big solar projects by the Obama - Pelosi regime is a sign of the ideological vacuousness of modern government, media, academia, and society at large. Both big wind and big solar are huge wastes of resources and personnel that could be better used in a more productive capacity.



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