Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bioenergy News

A Marketwatch look at algal fuels projects expanding into commercial scale

Biomass sugars to gasoline production plant in Madison, Wisconsin, from Shell and Virent

The six biofuels processes pursued by the National Advanced Biofuel Consortium

Saving the world with biomass biofuels

A route to $0.50 a gallon hydrocarbon fuels via a French invention

Scottish advances in synthetic biology could lead to new approaches to microbial bioenergy

Genetic engineering, synthetic biology, microbial tweaking, and catalytic and process breakthroughs all hold enormous process for accelerating production of significant quantities of sustainable bioenergy and biofuels.

But even without dramatic breakthroughs, the incremental improvement of biofuels processes will lead to a slow, steady replacement of fossil fuels by bioenergy. This ongoing replacement will not go unnoticed by energy traders and analysts -- particularly once the mass of biofuels advances beyond the ethanol stage.



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