Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mitsubishi and Weyerhauser In Joint BioEnergy Exploration

Industrial giant Mitsubishi has joined forestry giant Weyerhauser in exploring the potential of biomass to energy.
Mitsubishi Corporation and Weyerhaeuser Company signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the possibilities of collaborating in the biomass-to-energy business.

The companies are specifically interested in assessing the feasibility of jointly investing in and operating a commercial-scale bio-pellet production facility in the United States by 2011. Depending on the success of the joint feasibility study, more facilities could follow in addition to the initial production facility, in aspiration to become a world class bio-pellet producer.

...The agreement signals the belief of both companies that there are existing and emerging opportunities in an expanding bio-energy market. The MOU leverages the strengths of both companies: Weyerhaeuser’s capacity to produce renewable biomass at scale from its sustainably managed forests and Mitsubishi Corporation’s worldwide network and experience in the energy sector and bio-pellet manufacturing business. Mitsubishi Corporation currently operates two bio-pellet facilities in Japan and is also actively involved in the management of Vis Nova Trading GmbH, a major producer of bio-pellets in Germany. _GCC

Bio-pellets can be made from wood, grass, farm and forestry waste, and a wide range of other materials. Bio briquettes can be made from the same materials. Such compressed materials can be made even more energy - dense using the process of torrefaction, or controlled roasting.

Such forms of dried and torrefied biomass can be co-fired with coal in existing power plants, with minimal modification.



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