Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wind Power: Another Economic Bubble Inflating

The growth of the wind power industry has been phenomenal. Governments are promoting wind as an important solution to carbon climate catastrophe -- even though wind provides less than 2% US electricity. A lot of money is being poured down the wind power drain. How far can this bubble inflate before the sad truth about wind's empty promises are exposed?
Total [US] installed capacity leapt 40% to 35,159 megawatts, solidifying its lead as the nation with the most wind power capacity. The next largest producer, Germany, only grew its capacity about 20% in 2009 to 25,000 megawatts.

...Yet there's a huge catch. Despite having its best year of growth ever, the industry still experienced net job losses. Its outlook also remains uncertain -- unless more government incentives are doled out:

The problem with wind is that it is too expensive, it is unreliable, it breaks down frequently, it occupies large areas of land, it is dangerous to nearby humans, and it robs society of resources it needs to provide truly reliable power sources.

Investors are being scammed into investing in a massive fraud, and government officials are pitching in with billions of dollars of tax money.

Americans need to learn to distinguish between valid plans to provide critical energy supplies, and scams such as large scale wind power. Boone Pickens wants you to invest in his scheme, and make him even richer. He's got a lot of government money already -- courtesy of the O-P reich. He wants a lot more of your money. Will you give it to him?



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