Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thorium Power: What You Can Learn From Comments

Wired magazine published an interesting article on Thorium nuclear reactors last month.  If you have not brushed up on Thorium reactors recently, you may enjoy reading the article.  A better way of learning about Thorium power is by reading the blog Energy from Thorium.  

Kirk Sorensen, the proprietor of Energy from Thorium, is featured in the recent Wired article, but he is more thoroughly featured in the comments following the article. A particularly fascinating exchange of views occurred in the comments between Sorensen and George Herbert -- a self-proclaimed anti nuclear proliferation advocate.

Reading the exchange between the two gentlemen will give you an idea of the types of objections that anti-nuclear activists will present, in an attempt to shut down even safer forms of nuclear energy such as Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs).

No matter what innovations a person attempts to promote to solve problems of energy shortages, there will always be activists and advocates of one persuasion or another seeking to use legal and political leverage to shut you down. Thorium energy is no exception, apparently. Even with energy grids crashing due to lack of baseload and dispatchable power sources, political activists will continue trying to shut down all reliable forms of energy.

President Obama recently made noises suggesting that he would promote increased funding guarantees for nuclear power. Always look for the hidden motive and for the later "I never said that" flip flop. Look for whose palms may be greased, and who may reap the golden harvest of government graft. Because wherever the "Chicago Way" is involved, somebody's gonna get the business.

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