Monday, January 11, 2010

Peak Oil Can Be Pushed Past 2040? Brian Wang

With rapid advances occurring in the development of microbial fuels, biomass fuels, nuclear fission reactor design, solar thermal, fuel cells, etc., the need for fossil fuels will decline markedly sometime within the next 30 years. Brian Wang suggests that "Peak Oil" can be delayed beyond 2040 using technology that is now near development.
Singularity Technology is not needed to push peak oil past 2040, but related super technology would be needed to move beyond oil and fossil fuels around that timeframe. Although enhancing current nuclear fission technology with factory mass produced deep burn reactors and a shift to electrification could also enable a substantial shift from oil and fossil fuels. I expect that earlier than expected success with nuclear fusion (IEC fusion, Field Reverse Configuration - Tri alpha Energy/Helion Energy, and/or dense plasma focus fusion) will demonstrate success this decade and begin commercialized energy generation 2020-2025. The energy picture could be totally changed 2025+ especially if manufacturing technology improves as well.

Conventional technological progress is also making more supplies of natural gas and coal available and increasing the efficiency of the power plants by up to double current levels (30% increasing to 50-70% efficiency. _NBF
Brian goes on to discuss several new methods of oil recovery, and improved efficiencies in recovery of oilsands and in refining oil and other fossil fuels. Many links are included.

Americans are living under the agenda of energy starvation -- political peak oil -- as implemented by the Obama - Pelosi administration. But if the US ever cleans its government of the vampires who infest its every department and bureaucracy, the abundant possibilities that exist, will be more obvious.

The US Constitution never permitted presidents or congress to implement massive social engineering. The current congress and executive have stepped well beyond constitutional limits on government. They intend to go much further.



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