Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dense Plasma Focus Fusion Film Festival

In honour of a recent unveiling of an ongoing dense plasma focus project in Las Vegas, NV, by National Security Technologies (H/T to Brian Wang), Al Fin Energy presents a Dense Plasma Focus Fusion Film Festival, for your edu-tainment pleasure. The first two videos are short and sweet. That last one is over an hour long -- a Google Tech Talk by physicist Eric Lerner of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.

Al Fin physicists are partial to the Bussard IEC fusion approach, but several of them admitted to Al Fin that the "quasar appeal" of dense plasma focus exerts a strong attraction. The simplicity of the basic approach of dense plasma focus as explained by the videos above and by the Focus Fusion Society, suggests that it should take relatively little time and money to either prove or disprove the feasibility of the approach.



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