Saturday, January 02, 2010

ClimateGate: The Biggest News Story of the Millenium

Climate Change and global energy policy are inextricably tied together by the governments of the developed world, the UN, the IPCC, and the global community of NGOs and environmental lobbies.  Not to mention Goldman Sachs and a wide array of financial groups that want to get in on the multi-trillion dollar carbon trading enterprise.  Under proposed climate change rules, trillions of dollars will be traded on carbon markets, and trillions more will be re-distributed to third world dictatorships from the economies of advanced nations.

It looks as if ClimateGate has arrived just in time to save the more open-minded populations from their own gullible downfall. Here are some facts:

ClimateGate files and expert analysis

Searchable ClimateGate Email Database

ClimateGate Primer

ClimateGate for dummies

Brief Summary of ClimateGate

Interesting historical background for ClimateGate

Wikipedia's own ClimateGate


"Science" defends itself against ClimateGate

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