Thursday, January 14, 2010

Canada Gots the Big Pipes

What good is trillions of barrels of oil-equivalent, if you cannot get the crude to the refinery or the market? Several pipeline projects address this concern, including the Keystone Pipeline, the Alberta Clipper Project, and the Enbridge Expansion.  (via New Energy and Fuel)

These pipelines transport crude oil from oilsands to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma.
Canada is also host to pipelines that transport Alaskan natural gas south to markets.

New refineries are also to be built in Alberta and Saskatchewan, to serve the Canadian market.

With millions of billions of barrels of crude waiting to be used -- to soften the transition to a more sustainable energy economy -- Canada is not just sitting around twiddling its thumbs, like a certain government in Washington DC seems to be doing.  Get all the details on these projects from Brian Westenhaus.

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