Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brian Wang Discusses Helion Fusion Projects

Helion Energy is the developer of fusion / fission hybrid engines, and ultimately a pure fusion engine. The Helion engine when used as a neutron source can transmute used nuclear fuel -- eliminating harmful and long-lasting isotopes to make nuclear waste harmless. Supposedly, the entire nuclear waste stockpile of all US reactors could be rendered harmless in 20 years time, using only 50 Helion Energy fusion engines. Go to Brian Wang's article for more details and many links to original sources.

The fusion engine neutron source could be used to transmute nuclear waste (to "burn it up") or to produce U 235 from lesser isotopes of Uranium, for producing new nuclear fuel.

The long-term goal is the production of pure fusion energy, but in the meantime some very lucrative uses for the Helion fusion neutron sources could be found. If so, Helion could conceivably finance much of its long-term fusion research via these alternative uses of its fusion engine. Helion would also likely see a number of competitors springing up suddenly, should its novel approach be financially workable.



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