Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ceres Works With Choren to Optimise BTL Feedstock

Ceres -- an "energy crop" company -- and Choren, the European BTL company, are collaborating to optimise the best strains of switchgrass and/or willow as BTL feedstock.
Feedstocks could represent up to 50% of the cost of producing transportation fuels.

Fine-tuning feedstocks will contribute greatly to process economics, enhancing the quality of the synthesis gas mixture and reducing the capital costs associated with the downstream gas-cleaning operations. This type of lock-and-key approach between feedstocks and processing technology will be critical in the commercial scale-up of the advanced renewable fuel industry.
—Christopher Peters, vice president of finance at CHOREN USA

In addition, Ceres and CHOREN plan to test commercial quantities of dedicated energy crops in a future collaboration effort at the world's first commercially operating Biomass to Liquids facility in Freiberg, Germany. _GCC
Choren's BTL process involves multiple stages of thermochemical processing to produce syngas, which can then be utilised for direct combustion or as feedstock for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of liquid transportation fuels.

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