Monday, October 05, 2009

Are UAE Emirs More Serious about Energy than Obama?

It seems that the sand age Emirs of the UAE take the need for reliable energy more seriously than the President of the United States does. The UAE is going full speed ahead for a fleet of nuclear reactors in the tiny Persian Gulf conglomeration of emirates.
2012 - plans to begin construction of first nuclear reactor.

2017 - first reactor due to start supplying power to the national grid.

Beyond 2017 - new reactors come on line every 18 months until fleet complete. UAE may order more reactors, as power demand dictates. _Forbes
The emirs may understand that with proper re-cycling, fissile uranium can provide fuel to last over 10,000 years at current supplies. They cannot count on their oil to be profitable indefinitely, and will need long-term reliable energy sources, to power the futuristic cities of modern conveniences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile back in the US, President Obama is putting the US energy industry on the altar of sacrifice to the gods of catastrophic warming. That means that almost all of US industry is up for the sacrifice. For Obama, this is the least he feels he can do to placate the angry deities of climate. For US citizens, it is proof that elections have consequences.

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