Monday, January 05, 2009

Top Bioenergy Companies and Biofuels Stories

From Biofuels Digest, the top 10 biofuels stories of 2008.

The top 50 Bioenergy Companies ( source). 17 are involved in cellulosic ethanol, 9 are algae fuels companies, and 9 companies plan other types of advanced fuel or energy processes.

1. Coskata
2. Sapphire Energy
3. Virent Energy Systems
5. Range Fuels
6. Solazyme
7. Amyris Biotechnologies
8. Mascoma
9. DuPont Danisco
10. UOP
11. ZeaChem
12. Aquaflow Bionomic
13. Bluefire Ethanol
14. Novozymes
15. Qteros
16. Petrobras
17. Cobalt Biofuels
18. Iogen
19. Synthetic Genomics
20. Abengoa Energy
21. KL Energy
23. GreenFuel
24. Vital Renewable Energy
25. LS9
26. Raven Biofuels
27. Gevo
28. St.1 Biofuels Oy
29. Primafuel
30. Taurus Energy
31. Ceres
32. Syngenta
33. Aurora Biofuels
34. Bionavitas
35. Algenol
36. Verenium
37. Simply Green
38. Carbon Green
40. Osage Bioenergy
41. Dynamotive
42. Sustainable Power
43. ETH Bioenergia
44. Choren
45. Origin Oil
46. Propel Fuels
47. GEM Biofuels
48. Lake Erie Biofuels
49. Cavitation Technologies
50. Lotus/Jaguar - Omnivore
Even most of the conventional maize ethanol or soy biodiesel companies on the list have plans to move into cellulosic fuels, algae fuels, or other 2nd and 3rd generation bioenergy projects.

My favourite crop for all-around bioenergy is hemp. But since the dufus government refuses to let farmers grow hemp, there are several dozen other alternatives for normal soil, arid soil, salty soil, and saltwater cultivation. Other than glaciers and other ice cover, very little land area of Earth cannot support some form of biomass or bioenergy crop, given proper support. After a few more years or decades of genetic engineering, bioenergy crops will probably be able to dance and sing.

Biomass to electricity is more efficient, but there will be a continuing need for biomass to liquid and biolipids to biodiesel for along time. Of course, once algae cultivators get all their ducks in a row, and once Craig Venter and his fellow magic microbe wizards develop their full repertoire of tricks, the game will truly be on.



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