Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama Pelosi Boxer Killing US Energy Prospects

A modern economy rests upon abundant energy. If you cut off energy to an economy--like Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Salazar and company are doing--you choke its economy. Around the US, energy Luddites in Congress and the incoming Obama administration are choking off the US' energy supply:
...yesterday, Evansville-based utility Vectren Corp. said uncertainty over potential federal carbon restrictions presented too much risk to commit to a 30-year contract to buy the gas. _Source
"Federal carbon restrictions presented too much risk..." Luddite anti-energy groups have a new friend in Obama to put alongside old friends Pelosi and Boxer.

The private sector is hunkering down, preparing to be set upon by Obama-empowered trial lawyers, unions, environmental lobbies, and activists of all stripes. Soon it will be open season on all large energy projects involving coal, nuclear, oil sands, oil shale, and quite possible biomass.

A brief visit to will explain much of the underlying philosophical basis of many of Obama's appointments, and the motivations of many left-leaning Congressional members. Carbon hysteria. Pseudo-environmental hyperbole and outright deception, for political and monetary gain.

The latest climate data suggests that the Earth is passing through a multi-decadal cooling phase. Climate model predictions are diverging wildly from actual observations. These anti-energy Luddites are helping to choke the US economy's life blood. These quasi automaton wrecking machines are so intent on their homicide that they are unaware that their philosophical underpinnings are collapsing.

They cannot invent, they cannot build, they cannot maintain. They can only destroy. An ideology fit only for opposition, not for leadership.



Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

The Dems know that it will take years for a sensible energy policy to start yielding returns and there is a real possibility that they will not be in power when that happens. At least they can't get rid of America's fossil fuel reserves, only postpone our use of them.

What about this scenario:

Because America can't access its reserves, the world will continue to buy from petro-states (currently at a reduced price), depleting their easily accessed reserves as their infrastructure goes unmaintained. When America finally gets around to getting to use and sell its own resources the current petro-states will have exhausted supplies, dilapidated industries that don't have the technology and expertise to exploit more challenging sources and a market that is not favorable for selling what little they have left since American and new International sources begin to come online. Petro-states have recently demonstrated how easily they become dependent on the easy money with Iran burning through most of its rainy day oil fund in order to fund every Tom, Dick and Hezbollah and the USSR 2.0 is also facing a the realities of a budget that was based on high energy prices that no longer are.

Is there any possibility that the Dems are actually doing the right thing for the wrong reasons? Or would we be better off just trying to get energy prices as low as possible for as long as possible?

As for the CO2-phobics, it would certainly be easier to believe their case if they actually believed it themselves. Scientists who really believed that CO2 was drastically altering our climate would not be doing nearly as much lying and date fabricating as they are and they would be more interested in preventing gross mistakes (adding September temperature data as October) than in attacking people who notice those mistakes. No, I have come to believe that climate alarmists do not actually believe their own stories. AL Gore's climate entourage doesn't drive around in SUV's because they are oblivious to the hypocrisy, they do it because they think everyone else is.

3:28 PM  
Blogger al fin said...

Very good thinking, Baron.

Long term, the energy future revolves around enhanced geothermal, solar + utility scale storage, and fusion energy + safe modular fission reactors.

Petroleum really is too valuable to burn, and too dirty.

Using gasification, coal is clean and safe, with pollutants easily eliminated. Clean coal plus oil sands plus oil shale provide ideal bridge technologies between now and the next few decades when indefinitely sustainable clean energy is perfected.

But if the Luddites kill the US economy now by starving it of energy, there is no guarantee there will be a US in 20 years. Putin understands the dire demographic situation his country is in. China's current government is also in a precarious situation, due to the volatility of its population.

No one anticipated the shock of 9/11 before it happened. The next large shock may be several orders of magnitude greater, if the US presents a weak face to the world--as Obama appears to be doing.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Snake Oil Baron said...

Coal is certainly an interesting resource for the future. There are some interesting technologies being developed to capture, concentrate and utilize CO2 for various chemical processes. Just because CO2 is not the pollutant that many greenies think it is doesn't mean that it can't be put to better use than in the atmosphere. Since it would take a while to get expanded coal and other American fossil fuel resources to the exploitable stage these new CO2 technologies would still have time to mature even if America achieved a sensible energy policy today anyway.

One other hopeful aspect is that Pelosi and the gang can not prevent exploitation outside American territory and as long there are substantial resources that can be exploited outside of the more traditionally psychotic petro-states then all of the energy policy sabotage the Dems have been doing will be wasted effort.

4:28 PM  

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