Monday, November 17, 2008

Geothermal Advantages Over Wind, Solar

The two largest renewable sources of energy supply for planet Earth are solar and geothermal. Solar energy is hampered by its diurnal cycle and vulnerability to bad weather. Geothermal is superior to solar at least temporarily.
The geothermal option has a distinct advantage over wind and solar power when it comes to pricing....Geothermal also has the advantage of being a dependable source of energy, and is not dependant on weather conditions or time of day.... a new technology called EGS, or enhanced geothermal systems, which will allow access to areas where underground heat is accessible but the water used for traditional geothermal production is not available, may revolutionize the field. If this technology - which is being researched by academics and private companies including Ormat - can become feasible, the world potential for production would jump phenomenally to some 200 GW, according to a recent MIT estimate. _JP
Actually, the world potential for geothermal is far higher than 200 GW. Everything depends upon the technology of materials, heat exchange, and energy transduction. All of those areas are in a state of rapid flux.



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