Saturday, September 13, 2008

Energy News: Nuclear Stands Tough, More

Hurricane Ike has interfered with gasoline supplies, and other forms of energy delivery, but Ike failed to stop the Texas STP nuclear plant.
The South Texas Project nuclear power plant, located about 60-miles southwest of Galveston, Texas, said on Saturday it continued to run at full power throughout Hurricane Ike.

The South Texas Project power station has two nuclear reactors that can produce a combined 2,560 megawatts of electricity.

"The South Texas Project (STP) nuclear power plant continued to operate safely and reliably throughout Hurricane Ike, as the storm made landfall near Galveston and moved inland this morning. Both units remain at full power," the company said in a press release. _Source
Nuclear power is expected to grow in use globally. Emerging countries such as Brazil and China have particularly ambitious plans for nuclear power.

Some firms are planning to generate electricity and produce biofuels from hazardous waste. More power to them, and us.

Algae biofuels continue to be developed across the US, including Florida. Smaller countries that are traditional leaders in the seaweed industry, such as Japan, Ireland, and New Zealand, are also hot on the trail for algal biofuels.

The Earth is not suffering from a shortage of energy supplies, or potential energy supplies. The shortage is one of imagination and applied intelligence, as well as a shortage of skilled manpower. The deficit is a deficit of educational practises, and a deficit of responsible political leaders--particularly in the US Congress for the past two years.



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