Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Energy Meanderings

Brian Westenhaus has a fascinating look at methane storage in various forms. Methane is more energy dense than hydrogen, but storage issues still need addressing.

Brian Wang looks at a number of energy topics, including the up-rating of a number of US nuclear plants and the development of an engine that will be able to utilise any type of spark ignited fuel. Brian also recently presented an interesting update on annular nuclear fuel rods, which may allow up to 50% uprating of current water-cooled fission reactors. Worth a look.

The future of agriculture for food and fuels lies in crop modification. Of course, humans have been modifying crops for thousands of years. Gene-mod tools are just more useful devices for the tool kit.

Pennycress is receiving a lot more attention as a winter biodiesel crop for inter-cropping with soybeans.

Tallow from animal fat rendered at slaughterhouses may become an important source of biodiesel.

More on the Omnivore Engine discussed in the link above to Brian Wang.



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