Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biomass to Grow Quickly Important

Different forms of biomass are competing to see which can outgrow the other. From fast growing poplars, to hemp, to eucalyptus, to the giant reed Arundo.

Scientists are better learning how to most economically and sustainably produce high yields of biomass feedstock for the growing numbers of biomass to fuel and biomass to electricity projects being created around the world.

Earth's biosphere is expandable far beyond current human understanding. By utilising marginal lands, desert lands using salt water tolerant crops, and ocean growing crops such as seaweed, humans can produce far more biomass feedstock than the pessimists of biomass currently estimate and model.

For liquid fuel purposes, better oilseed crops, specialised microbes, and algal oil may prove more economical and simpler than converting biomass to liquids--in the long run. But for purposes of electrical generation and CHP, biomass will be difficult to beat--once the local and regional infrastructure for densifying the mass and making it more transportable is created.

As always, nuclear power remains the best option for powering large metropolitan areas. But for most of the huge areas of Earth in between and surrounding large cities, biomass should be plentiful and suitable for CHP, power generation, and small to medium scale production of liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels.



Blogger MaK said...

Nuclear power is not the solution. Its very dirty and costs too much to dispose of its waste.
Renewable power is the solution.
Wind, solar, biomass and energy efficiency together help overcome the energy problem we r in now.

2:52 AM  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks for your comment, mak. There is no such thing as THE solution. There are multiple solutions which must compete in the open marketplace.

I prefer clean renewable, local and regional solutions to energy problems. For the large metropolitan areas of the world, however, there is no viable alternative to nuclear energy at this time. Other means available for producing such huge power amounts are far too dirty.

Renewable energy is not ready for prime time in terms of huge quantities of reliable baseline power. Do the math.

6:52 AM  

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