Friday, August 01, 2008

Philippines Biofuels Update

Jatropha oil seed trees are being planted in large plantations in the Philippines by various investor groups, including some from Japan, and even a California group. It is likely that the biodiesel from the plantations will find its way to Japan, Korea, China, and California eventually.

Other biofuels projects in the Philippines include this moringa nursery for feeding a biodiesel plant, a new multi-feedstock ethanol plant, and a new 4500 hectare cassava expansion.

The Philippines offer an ideal tropical growing environment for a broad array of biofuel crops, including jatropha, moringa, pongamia, palm, coconut, cane, cassava, diesel tree, etc. Expect more investors from the developed world and the emerging markets to discover the biofuel opportunities across the tropical belt of the globe.



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